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Chianti Classico DOP Olive Oil 2010: quantity and quality

It’s really an excellent year for Chianti Classico DOP olive oil. Quantity and quality are on very high levels in 2010, with an olive harvest surely to be savored and remembered through time.

A success that, as always when speaking of fruits of the earth, comes from nature. In fact, the olive-growing season was kind to Chianti Classico DOP olive oil in 2010, creating the best conditions for a rich and high-quality harvest.
The only wart (if one can call it that) was abundant rainfall in the month of November, which created problems in organizing the harvest. Difficulties that did not, however, compromise the quality and amounts of olives picked in 2010.
Spring weather favored abundant fruit setting, superior to all expectations and not seen since the last hard frost.
In central Tuscany rainfall was above average for the last decade (approximately 9 inches, versus around 8 in 2009), especially in June and July, months important to the olive’s stages of blossoming, setting and fruit growing.

Temperatures were instead lower on average (about 2 degrees lower) for the entire spring-summer period, enabling the olive trees to grow non-stop and at the same time sustain the ripening of abundant fruit.

This year, too, the entire year was closely monitored by Chianti Classico DOP Olive Oil Consortium personnel, committed to constantly assisting consortium members in the different stages of the production chain. This concludes with final testing of the oil produced, with pre-tasting by experts who help the producers select the best batches of oil fulfilling production rules, which can then go on to be certified as suitably Chianti Classico DOP.