Harvest 2020

A 2020 harvest that seems it could be a perfect vintage.

Seasonal Trend

In a complex year like 2020, Mother Nature chose to reward the passion and commitment that have always been typical of Chianti Classico olive growers. After a few years of problematic weather for oil production, the 2020 seasonal trend was at last back to normal: a mild spring, with periods of widespread rain, sufficient to support the fruit-setting phase, and a summer with some very hot days but cool nights, enabling the olive trees to complete their vegetative cycle in the best possible way. There were also no violent storms or weather conditions so the abundant flowers were able to generate a good quantity of fruit.

The factor that enabled us to achieve a really excellent standard of quality was the sudden arrival in late September/early October of a cold autumn with below average seasonal temperatures, creating ideal conditions for the transformation of the phenolic components, and allowing us to make stylish, complex olive oil, with a smooth flavour. All this translates into intoxicating aromas of grass and olives inside the mills, and confident, distinctive flavours of bitter almonds and fresh artichokes, typical of our Chianti Classico PDO oil. We’ve also finally been able to bring back the Frantoio olive variety which was severely damaged by the cold in late winter, 2017, so hints of freshly mown grass and roasted coffee beans typical of this cultivar can enhance our dishes once again.